About Me (2017)

Today I will write about my self in 2017 (Read in dramatic voice with the song “Ode to Joy” in the background). Fist I am a very energetic person. I also have a very caustic personality. My favourite type of food is Indian. My favourite “fancy” food is Italian. Some things that I find interesting are medication, disease, human anatomy, video games (simulation types to be specific), WW II, WW I, births accents, german accents, astronomy, chemistry, mental disorders, food, travel, history, religion, electrical engineering, flowers,  and mathematics. That yes I know, is a lot but trust me (or not) I can go a lot longer. Some of my favourite video games are Fallout 4, Mad Max, and Battlefield 1. If you were looking for Minecraft it’s just not as fun. My favourite types of movies are comedy or action. My favourite fast food chain is Taco-Bell, because that’s the place I’ve gone to for the past three years. The country I have always wanted to go to is Germany, why you ask, the history, chocolates, food, people, music, art, and language. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii the place that everybody considers paradise. When I grow up I want to go to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Well, I think that’s about all you really need to know about me. Trust me there is a lot more to me, sometimes it takes a visit in person, you know?