SBC Week 5 (Cultural Things My Family and I Do)

Today I am going to write about my family religious habits. If you didn’t know my mom and dad are divorced so we have different ways of celebrating. My mom is the one that I live with so we do more together. Sometimes we go to a Thai temple in Pearl City (In Hawaii in case you don’t know where that is). At the temple, we usually get blessed or get a reading (Telling the future). That is what my mom does. What my dad usually does for celebrations is eat out. Also in case, you didn’t know my dad is not very religious, kind of like me in a way (No beliefs). For me, I really don’t believe in karma and all that other stuff. I only believe what has been scientifically proven, because if you say I’m wrong I will always have science to back me up! Anyway, that should conclude today’s blog! Have a wonderful day!

At Tsukiji Honganji Temple : 築地本願寺にて Toshihiro Gamo via Compfight

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